Colorful bubbles

This week at Google has been a busy but colorful one. 

For a little team building exercise, our team lead brought everyone outside where we assembled, what I can only call, bubble-making devices. In order to make these contraptions you took two wooden dowels and screwed in a little eyelet at the very end. You then measured out a length of string to thread through the eyelets and tie together with a couple washers in the middle. What you were supposed to end up with was two, long sticks with a triangle shaped string. Like you were holding a couple messed up fishing rods. 

You then soaked the string in a bucket of soapy solution, pulled it out, and let the wind create some huge bubbles.  

Soaking my string

Soaking my string

it was pretty neat watching everyone create their bubble makers and even more marvelous watching all these extremely colorful bubbles take shape. Michael doubles up the sticks and string attempting to make the largest bubble and I believe he was successful.