Third time is a charm, right?

After many hours and days and weeks of frustrated waiting, Patricia finally has her first new car since 1998.  

We received an email from Anne from the national Care by Volvo car service that the regional manager in the Bay Area did indeed track down the exact car Patricia wanted as a replacement for the lemon we first received. Michael, Peter, and I’m sure a few other great heroes helped us finally pick it up on Friday. After a short test drive to make sure it was good to go, we signed the paperwork, grabbed our new keys, and headed to Patricia’s mothers for dinner in the city (and Mitchell’s Ice Cream for dessert)!



All in all, the Volvo reputation for customer service is still intact. They clearly don’t have all the kinks worked out of the subscription service but in the end, the San Francisco dealership and management team was able to come through.  

Heres to many wonderful adventures!!