Mobile updates & a new car

This may be a great way to quickly keep the family updated on our adventures, even from our phones.

Like, today, I’m working from home and was able to sneak away for a haircut. I’m also now anxiously awaiting Patricia to text me that her brand new, 2019, Volvo XC40 is ready to get picked up from the dealer.


Long story short, we went to pick it up last Friday and it immediately began to stall on us, like the fuel pump just shut off. So strange but they gave us a loaner as they fix it  

BOOM! Messages received and we’re heading out to get her car!

And here we go!

After two decades of working on creating websites, brands, and services for companies and individuals alike, it's time for me to be my own client as I try and create a website for us to keep our family up-to-date on life stuff.

Of course, I've been spending the last few months digging through all my old favorites and comparing them to the new ones out there for a new platform to showcase our adventures. You think it would be pretty simple yet no one has completely mastered this just yet. Wix and Weebly are two strong contenders offering easy site creation and design tools, yet is littered with way more than I need for a simple photo site and none seem to work well with Instagram, our preferred way to post and share photos. Plus, Weebly doesn't provide domain name registrar protection meaning I've been receiving about 15 calls a day from companies looking to boost my site in Google search.

*insert eye roll here*

I just ended up coming back to Squarespace as it's a solid platform, clean and easy to use, and flexible enough to meet our needs today and in the future without a cluttered UI. 

Sadly, one of my first tasks was to create a memorial of sorts for Patricia's grandmother that we will keep up for most of the year. This included a few images and a video slideshow plus some text. Was easy to create on Wix and worked well. But with the need for our instagram feed and our wedding site coming, Wix's cluttered UI pushed me away from them. Weebly was much cleaner and offered great iOS apps for keeping tabs on the site with beautiful analytics and easy editing of the site. Honestly, if Weebly actually worked well and didn't force me to spend an extra $100 a year to protect my info, I may have stuck with them.

I'm writing all this as, of course, a test of Squarespace as I try and figure out how I will be handling the navigation of the site since we will keep up Granny Goose's memorial but with only that, the navigation seems awkward and it's not clear that it's another page you can navigate too.

Any who, off to flesh out this site for our Instagram feed (thanks to a third-party code embed) and our wedding planning!